From Legend to Folk Hero

146 consecutive championship-less seasons can be put to bed, King James has delivered what he had promised… C-Town has CHAMPIONSHIP once again! The Cleveland Cavilers are World Champions after downing the Golden State Warriors 93-89!

In a epic game played on the enemy’s court, the Cavilers bucked the odds, considering only 3 other teams won game 7 on the road to win it all, and 32 previous teams that were down 3 games to 1 in the Finals weren’t able to get it done.


Nothing but net for Irving with :53 seconds left in Game 7

Kyrie Irving  with ice water in his veins drained the go ahead 3 pointer with just :53 seconds left, and that was all she wrote, since the Warriors were on a slow cold burn with about 4 minutes left in the 4th period and were unable to regain the lead and lose their 9th game of the playoffs (the same number of losses they indured during the 82 game regular season).


Lebron was named the Finals MVP, which he should’ve been win or lose, he simply outplayed everyone which makes this Championship so very special to Cleveland fans, because it was one of their home grown products making it happen and putting them back on the map in a positive fashion. King James  followed up two previous superman like performances where he scored 41 points in games 5 and 6, with a triple double Sunday night in the finale, 27 points, 11 boards, and 11 assists.


The Drive, The Fumble, The Mesa-less 9th, The Shot, The Decision, as well as all the other sporting disappointments during the last 5 decades can be put to rest thanks to James. Whether he stays or goes, his legacy has been set, and his folk lore will live forever for Clevelanders.

Congratulation Cleveland you deserve this one!

(photos courtesy of: ap, getty, usatoday)

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