Next Up… Game 6…Hmmm

The Golden State Warriors went 73-9 on the season, are 15-7 in the play offs with possibly two games left, and…now 0-2 when Draymond Green doesn’t play. Funny how that works.


Draymond Green

Green as we all know was suspended from game 5 of the NBA Finals because of the shenanigans he pulled with less than three minutes left in Golden State’s 108-97 win over the Cavaliers on Friday night in Game 4. Here’s what went down: Green and James got tangled up, as Lebron stepped over Draymond; Green hit James in the “private area.” The flagrant 1 that the officials gave Green (after the game) was his fourth flagrant foul point of the playoffs, which equals an automatic suspension, and carries a $140,000 fine. Keep in mind that Green’s actions would not have gotten him suspended as a standalone act, it was the number of flagrant points he has accrued in the playoffs that did.


The “step over”

The funny thing is that Green wasn’t charged with a foul when it happened, and, it wasn’t until after the game that the officials decided to hit him with a flagrant 1, thus exiling him from Game 5 .


Scott Williams

This scenario sounds all too familiar to Bucks fans who believe the the 2001 Conference Finals against the 76ers was “rigged.” Bucks big man, Scott Williams, was charged with a flagrant foul and not thrown out of Game 6, only to be suspended after the game, which made him ineligible for Game 7. Sure the elbow to Iverson’s neck was intentional, but, again Williams was not charged until after the game which made it seem very fishy.

It’s too bad we as sports fans have think this way every now and again, but, there is crookedness out there. Granted the Cavilers still had to make the baskets at The Oracle to win Game 5, but the road was a little clearer without Green plugging up the lane.

Just ask yourself these two questions what was better in 2001 for the NBA? The small market Bucks vs L.A. or the 76ers  vs L.A.? And, what is better for the NBA in 2016 Cleveland winning their first MAJOR Championship in 52 years or Golden State repeating?

(Photos courtesy of: AP, Getty, Cleveland Cavilers, Golden State, NBA)

2 thoughts on “Next Up… Game 6…Hmmm

  1. What a BS call…if the refs can’t decide on a replay during the game there’s no way they should hand out penalties after.

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