The Salmon Ladder has Begun

In every obstacle course there is that one spot that is the most difficult for each competitor and once past, the competitor is home free. We all knew that the Milwaukee Brewers season would be difficult and it’s own obstacle course, but the team has now entered the “Salmon Ladder,” portion.

The “salmon ladder” is the part of the American Ninja Warrior competition that is probably the toughest, and if contestants can get by it they feel as if they are home free whether the fact is true or not.

The Brewers who I feel,and most would agree, have overachieved so far this rebuilding season at 29-33. The Crew as of Thursday night has entered the part of their season that could be considered their salmon ladder. So far  they are 1-2, going into Sunday’s matinee against last year’s World Series runner up, the N.Y. Mets.

Looking at their schedule from June 9th to July 10 (last game before the All-Star Game) they have an extremely rough stretch, where the rubber will definitely meet the road and probably predicate how far back the Brewers finish this season.

After these 4 games with the Mets, they hit the road for a 11 day west coast road trip that starts in San Francisco for 3 games, over to L.A. for four, before ending up in Oakland to finish a 2 game home and home series.


Bryce Harper

After a day off, it’s back home to take on Bryce Harper and the Nationals for three games, followed by another day off before 3 more games against the Dodgers at Miller Park.

Back on the road for 6 days… three in the “Gateway to the West” to take on Cardinals in St. Louis, who, let’s face it always play the Crew hard, and seem to have their number. Then it’s off to D.C. because… why not… just to finish this grueling part of the first half of the season by hosting the Cardinals July 8th, 9th, and 10th.


The Nations lead the N.L. East, the Giants and Dodgers are first and second in the N.L. West respectively, and the Cardinals are in second in the N.L. Central. The only real relief will be the two games in Oakland, but, that’s just two games. Of these 28 games which the Brewers already have one win, I think they will end up with 8 total during this stretch.

We’ll have to wait and see…

(photo courtesy of: ap, cardinals media, brewers)



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