He’s just visiting

Brewer fans #10 is “in the house”… the last manager to lead the Crew into the post season and just two games from their first World Series since 1982, Ron Roenicke is back in town for a three game series with the Los Angles Angels of Anaheim as their third base coach.


Roenicke #10 Trout #27

Roenicke was let go as Brewers manager on 5-3-2015 after a miserable start that piggy backed an epic collapse the season prior, which the Brewers led the NL Central for 150 consecutive days and missed the play-offs. Roenicke doesn’t pass blame (audio)


as a Dodger 3rd base 2015

Ron was picked up in August of last year to help solidify the Dodgers coaching staff and take over coaching duties at third base as they themselves made a play-off run of their own. After the season he applied for the managers position when then skipper Don Mattingly left for Miami, but was not chosen. so once again it was time to turn the page, while staying in California.


Roenicke who coached for the Angels from 2000- 2010, is now back with team manager Mike Scioscia who was there during Ron’s first “go round.” Roenicke and Scioscia played together for the Dodgers from 1981-83. When asked if he would ever want to manage again Roenicke replied:

“Yes, I would like to, I like the challenge of it, and if I don’t (get to manage again) I like what I am doing now. So, I am okay, but, I would like to do it again”

Is there any place Ron wants to get to, if he has time while back in Wisconsin?

“Cedarburg, and I got to hit Kopp’s (frozen custard) on the way back.”

You’re missed Ron, best of luck!

I want to thank my friends over at WSSP-AM for supplying me with the Ron Roenicke interview since I am recovering from a double hernia procedure. 

(photos courtesy of: latimesblogs, angels, USAToday, truebluea)

2 thoughts on “He’s just visiting

  1. He is a much better coach than Counsell!

    Good luck with your recovery from surgery….eat lots of watermelon!!

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