Are the Stars Aligned?

Cooler than if the Cubs would have won it all last season (2015) to make the “Back To The Future” prediction come true would be for Cub fans to celebrate a World Championship this year. Not just because the fans have been waiting FOREVER… but because it’s the 100th Anniversary of their beloved Cubs playing their first game at Jake and Elwood Blue’s home address 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL.


The “Windy City” has housed a baseball team at the corner of Clarke and Addison now for 102 years, originally called “Weegham Park ” was opened in 1914, and was home to the Federal League’s Chicago Whales. The Whales along with the Federal League folded after only two seasons in 1915,  the field was still there, so, on January 20th, 1916 a deal was closed with the Taft family of Cincinnati who owned the Cubs. Charles Weegham, William Wrigley Jr. and 8 others bought the team and moved them from, the “West Side Grounds” at Polk and Wolcott Street to Weegham’s vacant ball park, which at the time was state of the art, and only 2 years old.


4-20-1916 Weegham Park

ON THIS DATE 4-20-16 the Chicago Cubs took the field for the first time in the “friendly confines” and defeated the Cincinnati Reds 7-6 in 11 innings in front of an over capacity crowd estimated between 18,000 and 20,000 (Weegham Park only seated 14,000) . William Wrigley  Jr.  bought the Chicago franchise and the park from Weegham in 1918, and changed the name to Cubs Park in 1919. Wrigley Field didn’t become Wrigley Field until the next name change in 1927.


A black bear cub also christened the Cubs NEW home before that first game 4-20-1916

Since the Cubs have been a resident they have treated their fans to 3 All-Star Games, 13 trips to the post season which include, 6 World Series, the last one in 1945. The way this 2016 team looks, (presently at 11-3 and in first place in the N.L. Central) the Cubs may just end up celebrating 100 years of residency with a World Championship.

(photos courtesy of: sandiegouniontribune, bleedcubbieblue, cutterlagle, vineline, addisongraceevent)


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