No Longer the NEW Kidd in Town

The Milwaukee Bucks will finish the 2015-16 season tonight at home when they host the Indiana Pacers, it will put an end to Head Coach Jason Kidd’s sophomore season with the Bucks. In Kidd’s first season, the Bucks improved from 15 wins the year previous to a 41-41 record, and made the playoffs. Optimists at the start of this season had the Bucks improving on their previous record, possibly finishing 4th in the Eastern Conference, and hosting the first round of the playoffs…it was not to be. Instead  the “Milwaukee Five” will either go 34-48 with a win or  33-49 with loss. In both scenarios they miss the playoffs this season.

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Kidd and Hammond

Is it GM John Hammond’s fault, no… is it Jason Kidd’s fault, no… it’s simply the talent on the court. Sure you can argue the “talent” are the players Hammond picked, and the same players that Kidd coaches night in and night out, but chemistry plays a huge role in a team’s success, and full team chemistry is what this Bucks team lacked.


Middleton, Parker, Giannis

Critics are calling for either Hammond or Kidd to get the ax, the NEW big three, Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker, and Giannis Antetokounmpo  a.k.a “The Greek Freak”, are the reason they shouldn’t, Hammond brought them to Milwaukee, and Kidd is in the process of molding them. Those three are the nucleus of this team, that I am sure will produce winning seasons and deep playoff runs, in the very near future.

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Kidd as a Champion with Dallas 2010-11

The other argument I have for keeping Kidd, is that he is a young, Hall of Fame bound and knows how to win, things that young “wanna be” Hall of Famers can look up to, and try to emulate. He has also been successful in the transformation of Giannis into an effective point guard, who appears to have an extremely high ceiling at that position. Since the move, Giannis put together 5 triple doubles during a six week span in the second half of the season, and just missed a couple more by a single rebound, or assist.


“Greek Freak” running the point

One final reason is that the Bucks need to retain Kidd is that they need to let a coach grow with a team, not like some of those other organizations that have a revolving door, where as the coach can’t ride out the ebb and flow of professional sports team.

Keep Hammond, keep Kidd, make some player changes, defend the three point shot better, and pray for zero injuries in the 2016-17 season.

The Bucks will be just fine….GO BUCKS GO!

(photos courtesy of: jsonline, NBA, nydailynews, sbnation, sportingnews, SI) 




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