Here in Milwaukee, WI, the land of beer, brats and cheese, “PBR me” means one thing, “get me a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon.” Saturday night PBR had an alternate meaning, it meant that the Professional Bull Riders were in town. The BMO Harris Bradley Center hosted the Blue Def  Velocity Tour presented by Real Time Pain Relief, at it was a BLAST!


PBR VT Blue Def Tour at The BMO Harris Bradley Center

Bull riding is simple in concept, stay on top of the Bull for 8 seconds, but it’s just not that easy, a simple eye test can tell you that. These are real cowboys who are tough and don’t disappoint, not some ” wanna be” mechanical bull riding patron at the local watering hole. Riders coming in all ages and hometowns. A few riders were from as far as Australia, and ages ranged from 19 to 41.

The first thing to do when arriving at a bull riding event is to get a “day sheet” before you sit down, it will not only sets the table for the order of the riders, it also gives the colorful names of the 2,000 lb beasts that the 40 participants are strapped to. “Full Throttle, Bad Moon Rising, Air Bender, and Contraband” are just some of the ominous names that accompany these beasts.


Jay Miller

23 year old Jay Miller took home the “Buckle” and $1,650 after winning the event. Miller started his night by completing a full ride atop “Good Trade” and scoring 88 points in the first round. He followed that ride up with an 8 seconds on “The Kraken” described as the “rankest” of the bulls on the tour. Miller and “The Kraken” scored an 89 in the finals  (45 possible points for the rider, combined with a possible 45 points for the bull) and  defeated Brady Sims who was the only other rider to pull off two 8 rides on the evening. (Sims was atop “Shepard Hill Trapper”).


Last night my buddy John and I went, it was his first time, my second. We always seem to add some twist to whatever event we are at, and last night was no different.We bet on the seconds the riders would last. One would set the time, and the other would guess if it would be “over or under” the time, with the “8.0 second” kicker, which was worth 2 points. When it was all said and done, John came out on top 31-24.

If the PBR Tour comes to your town (or close), GO! It is a fun night out for the whole family, plenty to keep fans of all ages engaged, and at the end ALL of the riders come out and sign autographs.


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