Whoever came up with “March Madness” was not kidding, the first weekend is in the books and the games have been nothing short of spectacular!

Steven F. Austin took down Bobby Huggins and West Virginia, Cincinnati held the ball for 0.01 too long and lost to St. Joe’s, the Fighting Rainbows upset California, Yale extinguished Baylor, and Northern Iowa dropped a half court shot to shock Shaka and the Longhorns.  Whew! It’s been crazy so far!


Northern Iowa buzzer beater over Texas

My bracket was busted when David took down Goliath, a.k.a Middle Tennessee taking down Michigan State, I didn’t have Tom Izzo and company  winning it all, but I did have them in my final four. The “winning it all” heartbreak came last night when the X-men lost on a last second shot by Wisconsin’s Bronsen Koenig!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Wisconsin vs Xavier

Koenig channeling his inner Steph Curry (as he put it) in UW 66-63 over Xavier

The loss was bitter sweet, my “pick” may be out…but my home state Badgers advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, making them the only team to advance to the second weekend of this year’s teams for the 3rd straight year.

So, now I’m all in on Bucky, and how cool would it be if they went to the finals again??!  It’s not that improbable with the upsets that have occurred so far, the stars are kinda lining up.  They now get Notre Dame instead of what could’ve been West Virginia. After that win they could get a familiar foe in Indiana who they split in the regular season…and the bottom of the bracket doesn’t look as awesome with Michigan State out of the way.

Just like any of the craziness so far, anything could happen, and these cardiac kids from the Dairy State may end up playing for it all again this year.  Go Bucky!


(photos courtesy of: getty, badgerofhonor, buisnessinsider)

2 thoughts on “Shear MADNESS!

  1. The Badgers have a good chance to get to the elite 8, I think they will beat ND but after that it’s going to tough road the rest of the way to the final 4. Go Bucky.

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