So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

The chance of picking a PERFECT NCAA Men’s Tournament bracket, is probably as good as Jim Carrey landing Lauren Holly in the 1994 movie “Dumb and Dumber,” actually he had a better chance… (plus then he married her in real life)… I digress…your chance of achieving perfection is 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,809. (a.k.a 1 in 9.2 Quintilian), the odds of that EVER happening would be once EVERY 400 years IF everyone in the U.S. filled out a bracket.

It’s that time of year again when band widths on work computers get smaller, (cough cough) sick days are taken, and your “Cinderella” tries to make that damn glass Air Jordan fit. It’s by far the most exciting three weeks of sport… it’s March Madness!


This year proves to be no different, should Michigan State have been a #1 seed, and could the fact that they are not, be motivation for them to win it all? Is the Miami, Virginia, and Oregon hype really all that? “Rock-Chalk-JayHawk.” Will Tom Crean finally get to the promise land? Will North Carolina be able to prevail if their outside shot goes south? Is this FINALLY the tournament when a #16 seed upends a #1 seed?

There are always a lot of questions this time of year, ones, that unless you own a crystal ball  you’d have no idea… I can help with one of them, a David will NOT upset a Goliath in 2016. Here’s how the last 30 years have played out, and I expect this year to be no different.

Since the tournament expanded to 64 team in 1985 (the year I picked 25 of 32 games correctly including the winner Villanova) 16 seeds are 0-124 against the 1 seeds.  Of those  124 games, ONLY 15 times had the 16 seed finished in a single digit deficit. The closest upsets came in 1989 when #16 Princeton lost 50-49 to Georgetown, and #16 East Tennessee State squandered a 17 point lead before losing to Boomer Sooner 72-71.

So let’s all get a good nights sleep tonight on March Madness Eve, because unless you’re “perfect” it will be the only good one you’ll have for 3 weeks!

(My Final Four: a #3, #6, #2, #1, and X marks the spot)


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! (let me know in comments below who you picked to win it all)

(photos courtesy of: screencrush, channelguidemedia, XavierU) 


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