Free Agent Forging Forward

It’s funny how the “green eye” of jealousy is the same color as money. Critics are coming out and blasting Brock Osweiler for NOT staying in Denver and choosing to take a $72 million paycheck from the Texans after little over a handful of starts.


Sam Bradford 2010 NFL Draft

At least Osweiler has pro starts (7) under his belt, Sam Bradford signed a six-year, $78 million deal, which had $50 million of it guaranteed and it became the largest contract ever for an NFL rookie… all WITHOUT throwing a single pass in the NFL OR the COMBINE!

Good for Brock, money a side, I feel he made the right decision, for one reason and one reason alone…in Houston he doesn’t have to emerge out from anyone’s shadow, because there is zero history of winning big with the Texans.


Peyton and Brock

If he stays in Denver and they don’t go back to the Super Bowl he will be lambasted and compared to Peyton Manning until he does. Nobody wants to follow a Hall of Famer, because the proverbial shoes are extremely big, and hardly ever filled.


Young after Super Bowl XXIX

Prime example: Steve Young in San Francisco never seemed to live up to the great Joe Montana until he led the 49ers to victory in Super Bowl XXIX against the Chargers in 1994 (49-26). In the closing moments of that Super Bowl Young makes a motion like he was removing a monkey a monkey off of his back and was quoted as saying as much after the game as well. Why? Because, before that game he was unable to live up to what 49er fans had come accustom to in the previous years with Joe Montana. Joe “Cool” led San Francisco to 4 Super Bowl titles during his time in the Bay Area.


Joe Montana and his 4 Super Bowl rings

So weather Brock becomes a Hall of Famer himself or not, it’s completely up to him, and his ability to forge his own path to success or failure.

Best of Luck Brock.

(photos courtesy of: complex, usatoday, gabworthy, phlsportsnation, linkedin)


2 thoughts on “Free Agent Forging Forward

  1. Great post man, lots of good points. Brock is definitely a wait and see kind of thing but the Texans have been waiting for so long to get a franchise QB that I think it’s tough not to jump at the opportunity. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out with JJ Watt, Brock and a good overall squad. They also signed Lamar Miller who I think they can ride as a bell cow. Also, if you have a moment, you think you could check out my post on Brock and let me know what your thoughts

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