“Omaha” No More

Later today (3-7-16) Super Bowl 50 Champion Peyton Manning will take the road of one Hall of Fame Quarterback rather than a couple others. Manning will hang up his cleats and retire ala John Elway, rather than stretch out one more year  ala “Broadway” Joe Namath or Johnny Unitas. Both went west for “one more year,” Namath to Rams, Unitas to the Chargers instead of “pulling” the proverbial pin.


Namath #12, Unitas#19

Thank you Peyton for NOT trying to hold on for one more year, not making a cash grab, and going out on top like a true champion. It may have been easier for Manning to retire since he is coming off of a Super Bowl win, rather than a Super Bowl loss. Had the Broncos lost Super Bowl 50… who know’s…he may have convinced himself to play one more year, which in opinion would’ve been a mistake.

It’s the one thing that frustrates me the most with athletes, not knowing when to call it a career.  I’m sure it’s EXTREMELY difficult for a player to do that when, that sport they love has been their whole life.

I admit I wasn’t the biggest Peyton Manning fan, but, I did (I don’t know how you couldn’t) appreciate what he had accomplished on the field during his tenure in the NFL.


Eighteen years, four Super Bowl appearances (2 wins XLI & 50) and five league MVP trophies, just gets the conversation of greatness started. Ironically in 1998, the same year John Elway retired after winning Super Bowl XXXIII, Peyton Manning was drafted #1 by the Colts, where he put in 13 years. In 2011 he sat out the season after having extensive neck surgeries, ending up in Denver the very next year. I have to admit I never thought he was coming back…lost a lunch bet to the Tilted Kilt on that one.


Come back he did, with a vengeance, and proved his critics wrong putting together 4 strong seasons in the Mile High City. Peyton kept on winning games and accumulating stats, two of which included, passing Brett Favre for most career yards passing, and passing TD’s. He also joins him, being one of only 2 QB’s to defeat EVERY TEAM in the NFL.


Manning, Favre

In five years the “Sheriff” will be joining the “Gunslinger” again… in Canton.

Congrats Peyton, enjoy retirement, you’ve earned it!

(photos courtesy of: milehighcardco, abcnews, rantsports, rare.us, zimbio)

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