And with the 24th pick…

That was the start of the sentence that brought Aaron Rodgers to the Green Bay Packers during NFL Draft in the spring of 2005. Just about everyone including Rodgers himself figured he would go number one. He didn’t, and as a matter of fact fell all the way to #24 and into the laps of the Packers  who in a few years would need a fresh arm.


Rodger 2005 Draft Day Pick #24 Overall

The rest is history, which Aaron is still writing (so far 2x league MVP, 5x Pro Bowl, and 2010 Super Bowl MVP). In the decade he’s been in the NFL he has not only accomplished  the previous, but, he has outlasted 17 others picked BEFORE him in 2005, here’s the list:

#2 Ronnie Brown – drafted by Miami. Last snap: Chargers 2014

#3 Braylon Edwards – drafted by Cleveland. Last snap: Jets 2012

#4 Cedric Benson – drafted by Chicago. Last snap: Packers 2012

#5 Carnell Williams (a.k.a. Cadillac) – drafted by Tampa Bay. Last snap: Rams 2011

#7 Troy Williamson – drafted by Minnesota. Last snap: Jaguars 2009

#9 Carlos Rogers – drafted by Washington. Last snap: Raiders 2014

#10 Matt Williams – drafted by Detroit. Last snap: Seahawks 2011

#12 Shawne Merriman – drafted by San Diego. Last snap: Bills 2012

#13 Jammal Brown – drafted by New Orleans. Last snap: Redskins 2012

#16 Travis Johnson – drafted by Houston. Last snap: Chargers 2010

#17 David Pollack – drafted by Cincinnati. Last snap Bengals 2007

#18 Erasmus James – drafted by Minnesota. Last snap Redskins 2008

#19 Alex Barron – drafted by St. Louis. Last snap: Cowboys 2010

#20 Marcus Spears- drafted by Dallas. Last snap: Ravens 2013

#21 Matt Jones – drafted by Jacksonville. Last snap: Jaguars 2008

#22 Mark Clayton – drafted by Baltimore. Last snap: Rams 2011

#23 Fabian Washington – drafted by Oakland. Last snap: Ravens 2010


Rodger 2015-16

Then there was good ole’ pick #24… out of the University of California, Aaron Rodgers. Who like the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going and going….(the battery had to be changed once or twice, but, you get the jest).

Here’s to another healthy season Aaron!

(photos courtesy of: sportsonearth, profootballsport)





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