Looks like the Packers will have 2 quarterbacks in Canton for the Hall of Fame induction weekend this August, one is going in the Hall, and the other is adding to his resume (kinda – he’s already a Hall of Famer in my book).


Brett Favre

We all know by now that former Packer Brett Favre is going to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year, but, word came out Tuesday that the NFL has scheduled the Packers to play the Colts in the Hall of Fame Game that weekend as well. The Hall of Fame game usually correlates the two teams with it’s prominent inductees. Therefore,  Favre = the Packers, Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison = the Colts.

GREAT for Packer fans, not so great for #12 Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers made it clear last year that he is not a fan of preseason games especially a FIFTH!

“I don’t think we need four. Two teams have to play five. That’s tough on everybody. Obviously, it’s important for young players to show what they can do. But a lot of times there’s agreements between coaches to maybe not pressure the [quarterback] during a game or do a certain type of coverage, or there are agreements within organizations in game plans that you’re not going to show different plays. How much of a real game are you really simulating? I’d say a lot less than people think.” (9/2/14 FOX Sports)

So of course yesterday one of Rodger’s Twitter followers 

how excited are you for the hall of fame game?
In which Rodgers replied sarcastically: A 5th preseason game?!


Obviously he’s not stoked, and I don’t blame him, four preseason games take a toll on a football player’s body, let alone one more. Granted ole #12 will only be in the game for one, maybe two series, but, there is always a chance of a freak accident. Look at what happened to Packer star receiver  Jordy Nelson last year on a routine non-contact play against Pittsburgh during the second week of preseason. Nelson tore an ACL and was out for the whole season, some say his loss was what kept Green Bay from going to Super Bowl 50.
NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Aug 23, 2015 Jordy goes down

Am I happy that the Packers will be playing on August 7th…yes because I love the Packers, will I also be praying that there are zero season ending injuries…yes!
(photos courtesy of: sportingnews, usatoday, theodysseyonline, profootballhof)

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