Go West Young Men

This morning the Brewers packed up their semi with bats, balls, other baseball equipment, and I even think the Klements Racing Sausages as they head west to Arizona for Spring Training 2016.


Packing up for Arizona

Pitchers and catchers report to Maryvale, Arizona on the 19th, with the rest of the team arriving a few days later. For the Crew this season is not projected to be one of their best, and more than likely one of their worst due to the roster changes, and the rebuild that’s in the works.

The Brewers will be sporting a new look starting rotation with Matt Garza and Wily Peralta as the only two returning starters from last season. The Brewers did acquire veteran starting pitcher, Chase Anderson from the Diamondbacks in the Jean Segura trade, and should give the rotation instant stability.

Chase Anderson

As far as the rest of the starting roster… it may look like this come Opening Day: Khris Davis in Left, Ryan Braun in Right, Aaron Hill at 3B, Orlando Arcia at Shortstop, Scooter Gennett at 2B, Chris Carter at 1st, and Jonathan Lucroy behind the “dish.” Centerfield is the only real question mark going into Spring Training.  Even though I have Lucroy in as catcher that may not be the case come Opening Day, since it is common knowledge that he would be receptive to a trade because, simply put…he wants to win, and have a chance at a World Series (who can blame him).

Lucroy…could be gone real soon

How will the Brewers do in the N.L. Central in 2016? Not good, and it is something Brewer fans need to get comfortable with for a good five years. Remember, the Brewers are in a rebuild, and their prospects in their farm system need to develop. Simply put, there is no quick fix for this club. The Brewers are going to have to go the same route that the Cubs and Astros did… lose, lose, and lose some more, before you win. It’s like when you have to endure a whole dinner that you don’t like before you get dessert.
Keep in mind the Brewers got their NEW GM from the Astros organization. So, hopefully he knows what to do, to get Milwaukee back on track.

David Stearns – Brewers GM

It’s not going to be pretty, so cherish the wins, and forget the losses, because life is too short to waste time on something we the fans can do nothing about.
(photos courtesy of: fox6now, azcentral, dailycommercial, spanishjournal)

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