Cam Newton, “millennial” QB for the Carolina Panthers showed his true colors, not once, or twice, but, several times during his team’s 24-10 loss Sunday in Super Bowl 50 to the Denver Broncos. Instead of “dabbing” in the end-zone, he was “dabbing” his “feel sorry for me” tears… (how much money did he make for just that one game?). I’m not hatin’ I’m just sayin’…C’mom man it’s just a game.


Newton post game presser Super Bowl 50

Here are a few examples of his immature behavior during, and after Super Bowl 50:

He “pulled” up and chose not to get involved in the scrum following his fumble with 4:15 left in the game with his team down by a mere touchdown. Denver recovered the fumble and shortly there after scored. After a two point conversion, the game was basically done… time just had to tick off the clock.

Denver’s defense so rattled his head that he walked around on the side-lines seemingly dejected and down trodden instead of “chomping at the bit” ready to get back into the game.


Newton (again) post game Presser Super Bowl 50

Finally, during his post game press conference he sat down once again dejected like his world was crumbling around him, gave minimal answers, and then abruptly got up and walked away before the press conference was over, like a 9 year old who didn’t get the toy he wanted while his parents were shopping – I was almost waiting to see if he laid down on the ground and started a temper tantrum.

The difference between Newton and others that play professional sports is that they are MEN playing a child’s game…while Cam is a CHILD playing a CHILD’S game.

Speaking of children…A LOT of them look up and idolize Newton, it’s too bad he isn’t a better role model when it comes to NOT getting what you want, or feel like you are entitled to.

Hey Cam, guess what… we all have disappointments in life, 99.9% bigger than losing a game that children play in their backyard…so suck it up buttercup…because the world sure as hell doesn’t revolve around you, and start acting like an adult.

Watch his post game interview (click below) if you haven’t seen it already

Cam Newton post game press conferenceĀ 

(photos courtesy of: buisnessinsider, charlotteobserver, actionnewsjax)

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