Snoozer Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 was not one for the ages. It was by far one of, if not the most boring Super Bowl I can remember.

I’ll tell you this, and it’s not me being a “homer,” (maybe I am) but, I truly believe that had the Packers been in EITHER league, and faced EITHER the Broncos or the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 they would’ve won…GUARANTEED! Why is that? Because the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and still he has a “killer instinct.” That instinct has dissipated with Manning to some extent, probably due to his age (he rushed for zero yards).

As far as Cam, well, we all saw his “killer instinct” when he BACKED AWAY from his fumble late in the game (4:15 left) deep in Panther territory, with his team down by 6, he just watched others scrum for it. The Bronco came up with the ball, scored the “dagger” a few plays later.


Newton BACKING AWAY from his lost fumble late in the 4th

Neither offense looked very good, and while Carolina’s’ defense played well against an aging QB, Denver’s’ was even better not allowing a single “dab.”


Miller’s second strip sack of the game

Von Miller, Denver’s’ outside linebacker fully deserved MVP honors, he set the tone early  and continued his brutal attack on the Panthers throughout the game. Miller racked up 2.5 sacks (which combined for 27 yards), two of which had a direct impact on the game, 6 tackles, two quarterback hits, and a pass defensed in the Broncos 24-10 win over Carolina.

I’m happy for Denver’s Peyton Manning on winning this, his second Super Bowl at the age of 39, at what would seem to be the end of his playing career. He can now ride off into the sunset on top, with his second Super Bowl ring. Also family “get togethers” at the Manning house will be easier now that he has the same amount of titles as his younger brother Eli has with the Giants…surely I jest.


Champion again!

CONGRATULATIONS, Peyton, Von, and the rest of the Broncos on your Super Bowl 50 win!

P.S. the “Super Bowl” commercials STUNK this year!


(photos courtesy of Getty, Espn, Cbssports) 



5 thoughts on “Snoozer Bowl 50

  1. Let’s all remember when Denver played Green Bay during the season, they knocked them right off! Remember The Packers winning streak before Denver came and ruined that for them? Denver knocked all of them out, Packers, patriots, and now Panthers. So no… Don’t agree with you at all. Aaron Rodgers look horrible this season, and it wasn’t by him that the Green Bay Packers made it decently far. Don’t take this as I’m slamming the guy, I actually really like Aaron Rodgers. It was unfortunate to see lackluster performance this year. I hope for a better year for him next year.

  2. Snoozer bowl is sooo right! And let’s not forget to add that halftime show into the Snoozefest as well! We all knew it was going to be a defensive battle but DANG…the offenses didn’t even show up!!! I’m glad to see Peyton go out with a win…well hopefully go out…I think last night proved it was time to hang the cleats and wait to be inducted into the hall of fame!

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