Will Peyton Be Done?

What are the two biggest story lines of Super Bowl 50?

Can Carolina head coach Ron Rivera take his team to an 18-1 record and win the Super Bowl 30 years after the 18-1 Bears team he played on won Super Bowl XX?  Will Peyton retire, win or lose Super Bowl 50, or does he come back for his final season in Denver?


Carolina Head Coach Ron Rivera

If Peyton wins Super Bowl 50 I believe he will retire, and would be COMPLETELY blown away if he comes back for one last year anywhere, why would he?



If Peyton loses Super Bowl 50…doesn’t retire (he has one year left on his contract) and is released by the Denver, remember they have a much younger and capable Brock Osweiler waiting in the wings. Peyton could very well go somewhere else. Where that somewhere else would be, is easy… L.A….and the Rams have already expressed interest in the 39 year old QB.


Think about it, the Rams were basically a solid QB away from the playoffs this season when the whole Nick Foles experiment didn’t work out. Their defense has talent and only allowed on average 20.6 points a game, which is in the upper half of the league. The exposure on the Rams is going to be colossal in 2016 since L.A. is the largest media market in the U.S. and haven’t had a team in that city since 1994. Adding a future Hall of Famer with just enough left in the tank for one more season would make EVERY home game an instant “have to be there, have to watch.”

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos September 30, 2012 Photos - Peter Brouillet

Peyton, with his veteran presence and knowledge, it might just be what the NEW L.A. Rams need to launch themselves into the playoffs next season, and become a “player” in the NFC West in years to come.

And… maybe, just maybe one more shot at a Super Bowl for the Sheriff.

( I personally think he’s done either way win or lose)

(Photos Courtesy: blacksportonline, wgntv, USATSI, hngn, biography.com, thefootbalgm)


4 thoughts on “Will Peyton Be Done?

  1. Is it possible that Payton would come back to Denver next year as second string quarterback and coach? Is Peyton too proud to do that?

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    • Wow, good point…hmm… I don’t think so, too much pressure for Brock (looking over his shoulder, look what happened in the last game of the season vs SD)…Peyton will retire. We’ll have to see. Thank you for leaving a comment and reading my blog

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