“Wreck This League”

That statement (“wreck  this league”) and his patented money sign gesture is how Johnny Manziel entered the NFL when he was drafted 22nd overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. How he leaves C-Town will be completely different, and may be sooner than Browns fans thought on May 9th 2014.


NFL Draft Night 2014

It looks like Manziel has wore out his welcome in Cleveland (maybe the NFL) and will soon be looking for another job after yet another incident this past weekend. This time it wasn’t Las Vegas related, it involved himself, an “ex” and the police in Fort Worth, Texas. The latest “Johnny Football” headline is one of a long list of childish, immature, and spoiled actions the 23 year old has pulled since in the NFL.


party time

I get it… he’s young, I too was once 23, and I too “tore” it up, as much as one can in a small mid-western town making a mere fraction of what Manziel’s contract states. I also did it in a time that social media did not exist, and an entire sports town wasn’t counting on me to FINALLY bring winning back to their team.


Will Manziel find solace in another NFL city next season? Probably not. Earlier I thought that Jerry Jones would bite on the Manziel cheese, but, now after yet another mark against the soon to be Ex-Browns QB, I don’t think that will be the case for Jones or any of the other 31 NFL owners (RGIII is the best choice to back up Romo in Dallas).

Manziel will probably get released March 9th (start of NEW NFL Season) or very soon after (if released before that date it would count $4.6 million against the cap, and the Browns don’t have that kind of room). The first thing the kid should do is get back into rehab…A REAL REHAB…no one needs to know, just do it. Then if he wants to make a come-back head north to the CFL (Canadian Football League). Manziel’s style of play would be superb in the “Great White North” and after a few seasons of anonymity, come back to the NFL…ala Doug Flutie or Warren Moon.

images (1)

Good Luck Johnny …I have a feeling you’re going to need it.

(Manziel’s timeline )

(photos Courtesy of: buisness insider, cleveland.com, WFAA, gamedayr)

2 thoughts on ““Wreck This League”

    • Too much temptation in L.A. He needs to go away get better, and then go away to the Great White North work on his game with zero distractions, before he’ll see the bright lights of a NFL city

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