Winning is its own fashion statement

I get it, I want to preface this blog right off the bat (pardon the pun), it’s a money thing, but, why do the Brewers have to get yet another uniform option. The newest creation will make 8 different uniforms combinations this season! Granted a few of them are just a “one off” like the Negro League recognition etc… but, why can’t they just have a home uniform, and a road uniform, instead of “it’s the third Thursday of the second week after the Summer Solstice which is an odd number” so lets wear our cap from 1982, our uniform from 1973, our leggings from 1990, and belt from 2011…yup that’s the ticket!


The new combination is suppose to link the past with the present, let me first say I like the new jersey, but not the new (old) cap. The “ball and mitt” logo is, was and will always be my favorite, I have such fond memories of that era of Brewer Baseball, but, that is where it needs to stay in the past…I hate tarnishing what that logo represents with these teams that are just not any good.


Trust me the new generation of sports fans for the most part could give two “rips” about the past, they just want some new “swag” to wear. Marketing executives understand that and feed off of it so the club can make money for a team that won’t win for awhile, and need to put more than 10 people in the stands for any one of the 81 home games (bobbleheads, and other give-a-ways help).

The Brewers organization needs to concentrate on winning, and not what fashion statement to put out, they have no identity. They need to stick to one thing and build a “brand” like the Yankees. From 1903 to 2003 the Yankees have participated in 39 World Series and won 26 titles, that averages out to one title every 3.8 years! They wear basically the same uniform that they always have. Other teams that contend year in and year out do the same. Consistency breeds winning.


Yankees 1977 World Series Trophy. One of the over 25 they have won since 1903

I’m not saying that a consistent uniform will turn the Brewers into World Champions anytime soon, I’m just saying instead of the organization diverting the fan’s attention with shiny objects, “stray” dogs, and bogus number being retired (which I predict they will do again in the next two seasons) they should put that effort into making the team that resides at 1 Miller Park Way a contender.




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