The Thief vs The Sheriff

Okay that title is a little harsh, and a bit misleading, but, I wanted to grab your attention, just like all the other articles and blogs  on the internet.

No, Peyton Manning is not a real “Sheriff,” and probably never be one. Cam Newton was a thief at one time, he even admits it when asked (he stole a $1,700 lap top in 2008 when he was at Florida and lost his scholarship he uses the story to help show others what he came from, how he was able to turn it around). Newton took care of what he did, made his way through Junior College to win the Heisman and a National Championship at Auburn. He is now probably the most lethal QB in the league, and should have a MVP trophy to put on his mantel after the season is done on February 7th win or lose.


Newton after scoring a TD in the NFC Championship Game vs Arizona. Carolina won 49-15

Cam like Peyton both give generously to their communities and are “stand up” guys, but I’m pulling for one more than the other come Super Bowl Sunday (and not just because I have the Broncos in the Super Bowl Pool).

My mojo and cheering will be geared toward Manning and the Denver Broncos, basically because it’s a better story, and like I mentioned in my blog the other day Peyton has SO much to gain from a victory legacy-wise. Newton has his whole career ahead of himself and has the least amount to gain with a victory in Super Bowl 50. He should get his fare share of accolades in years to come (although nothing is guaranteed…see Dan Marino).


This will be Peyton’s 4th Super Bowl and he is presently 1-2 in the big game. (His younger brother Eli is 2 for 2!). Who would’ve thought that Peyton and the Broncos would even have been in this situation back in mid-November (week 10) when Manning was putting up the worst numbers of his career and went out with a partial tear of his plantar fascia (It’s been said that a partial tear is more painful to play with than a complete tear). He returned week 17 (the last week of the season) as the back-up, something he had not experienced since freshman year at Tennessee, and came in to lead the Broncos PAST the Chargers securing the #1 seed in the AFC.

In the AFC Championship game yesterday, he beat the team that has been his albatross his whole career… the New England Patriots (20-18), with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady who seem to enjoy thumbing their noses at the NFL.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos

Bronco defense vs Patriots and Brady

In two weeks at Super Bowl 50 if Peyton has a solid game, and the Bronco defense comes up AS BIG as they did against the Patriots in the Conference  Championship, Manning will indeed ride into the sunset with a victory, just like  John Wayne, Roy Rogers or any old time Hollywood Western Sheriff … except his next stop will be Canton, Ohio.



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