Milwaukee Braves Fans Rejoice

Joseph Wilbur  “Joe” Adcock is FINALLY being recognized for his accomplishments as a Milwaukee Brave. Adock will be honored as the newest member of the Miller Park Walk of Fame in 2016 (I know my dad along with Brave’s Nation will be happy with the news). He received 23 votes of the 34 votes cast through the media. A 65% vote is needed and Joe got 67.6% (he was one vote short last year).


Even though Adcock played for four teams during his 17 years in the majors (1950-66) the 10 he spent in a Braves uniform were his best. Among his many accomplishments the strapping first baseman is known for was his power hitting. Joe hit the first major league home run to land in the center-field bleachers at the Polo Grounds, a 475-foot drive off the Giants’ Jim Hearn on April 29, 1953.


A year later he established the major league record for total bases, at 18, when he hit four home runs and a double against the Dodgers at Ebbets Field on July 31, 1954. A record stood for 48 years.

Adcock showed off his power again on June 17, 1956, when hit the only ball to clear the 83-foot-high, left-field roof at Ebbets Field (that’s 2.24 times HIGHER than the GREEN MONSTER at Fenway), that homer off Ed Roebuck was 350 feet away from home plate.


That fateful night for Haddix in 1959.

Joe delivered the first hit at Milwaukee County Stadium in 1953, and broke up Harvey Haddix’s 12 inning perfect game in 1959, also at County Stadium.

A World Series Champion in 1957 with the Braves, and represented Milwaukee in both All-Star Games in 1960. He had a career batting average .277 and 336 home runs.


Unfortunately Joe succumbed to Alzheimer’s 5/3/99 he was 71. The specific date of the ceremony this summer has not been set as of yet. His widow, Joan is expected to participate along with family members.




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