Going, going, gone?

Enjoy him while you can…if you get to this season. Johnathan Lucroy is not long for Milwaukee, and his days are numbered, because, he wants out.

How does that old saying go? “The easiest decision to make, is the one made for you” That’s exactly what Luc has done for the Brewer organization, he basically gave them permission to deal him to another team. He recently expressed that because he wants to win now, and knows that a rebuild (which the Brewers are in) could take years…he wants a chance at a World Series.


Lucroy 2014 All-Star

Who can blame him? He’s getting older, the Brewers only won 68 games in 2015, and have been “parting out” the team during the off-season. One could argue that right now at  29 years old, he is in his prime and could really help a contender. On the flip side the 2014 All-Star’s play on the field is valuable enough to help the Brewers get a few key players in return.  Lucroy’s  contract is very tempting to any team that would be interested, he is set to make just $4.3 million, and has a $5.25 million option for 2017.

images (1)

There are those that will argue loyalty over honesty? To them I say that I would rather have an honest player, than one just hanging around for a paycheck going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong Luc would NEVER go through the motions, his situation is COMPLETELY different than a player holding his team hostage just to stay in the uniform where it’s comfortable.

This deal when it happens is for Johnathan’s “love of the game” and winning… not to fatten his wallet.


As much as I would hate to see Lucroy go, I get it, and so should Brewer fans. The Brewers aren’t going to win for awhile, why not let your “favorite” son succeed at something he loves.

Best of Luck Luc (when it happens) you’re a class act and you’ve been a pleasure to cover.

(photos courtesy of: lindysport, zimbio, cbssports, washingtontimes) 


2 thoughts on “Going, going, gone?

  1. I have said often, I could be a Brewer even if they get rid of players when they reach the multi multi million dollar level. Something positive about young frisky hungry ball players.

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  2. Signing a contract these days doesn’t mean a damn thing. I want more money…..I want out. Keep your yap shut and play ball!

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