So it wasn’t just me… the Anniversary “re-broadcast” of Super Bowl I on the NFL Network DID stink, and the masses have spoken. The NFL Network will re-broadcast the game in it’s entirety without all of the distracting stats, and commentary.


NFL NETWORK debacle of Super Bowl I “re-broadcast”

I’m a Packer fan through and through, and since I wasn’t born yet when the first Super Bowl was played on January 15th 1967, I couldn’t wait to watch what the NFL NETWORK had put together… I only made it to half-time, got frustrated and turned it off, vowing I would get back to it eventually (growing up in Wisconsin the Packers are pretty much a religion).


Super Bowl I MVP Bart Starr – Packers

Now, I won’t have to that… and I’ve already freed up 3 hours on my DVR by deleting it. The  re-broadcast will be THIS FRIDAY 1/22/16 at 7pm central time.


Packer Wide Receiver Max McGee (2 TDs on the day)

I have to give the NFL NETWORK credit for  attempting this project in the first place, it was  just difficult to watch. Too much “going on.” The stats, and quirky facts are cool, but were annoying. What the NFL NETWORK should’ve done (hopefully they will Friday), is run it like a regular game, and during halftime play all the stats and fact, then get back into the game.

Thank You NFL NETWORK for not being “thin skinned” and re-running the game the way it should’ve been in the first place.


(photos courtesy of: nydailynews, allfunkedup, gothamsn, awfulannouncing)

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