Times Up for the NFL Overtime Rule

Green Bay Packer, Clay Matthews commented on the NFL’s overtime rule, and that it needs to be changed to the way the NCAA does it. I’m not being a “homer” or suffering from sour grapes after Saturdays overtime loss to the Cardinals in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs, but, I agree with Clay, that the current over time rule needs to be changed… and I’ve been preaching it for years.


It’s very well possible that the rule could be changed. A few years back the NFL tweaked it when they added that a team could not win on a field goal on the first possession of over time, the other team would at least get a chance to tie or beat them.

The college rule seems to be perfect. Kickoffs are eliminated as each team begins its possession on the 25-yard line, which immediately puts that team in field goal range. The coin toss would still have some bearing, because choosing to be on defense would give a team a slight edge. If the first teams ends up with a field goal the opponent with their downs could try to put the ball in the end zone, or force another tie with a field goal. If there is a tie, then, another round from the 25 yard line would begin. So the game basically continues until there is a winner. Talk about exciting! (Imagine what would happen to the over/under in Vegas).

A four or five round over time to advance in the playoffs or WIN a SUPER BOWL? That would be AWESOME!

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