Should They Have?

YES!!  Mike McCarthy should’ve had the Packers go for 2 points at the end of regulation against the Cardinals in Saturday night’s NFC Divisional Play-off game, instead kicking the extra point and go into overtime.

First, let me say the Packers played an awesome game despite their depleted offense and defense, and they still hung with Arizona from the opening kick-off all the way til the final tick of the game clock.

Back to the topic at hand: the decision to tie  the game instead of going for the win. The reason I think the Packers should’ve gone for the win is simple. The Arizona defense had to be psychologically damaged due to the way the Packers came down the field and scored on a 41 yard “Hail Mary” with zero time on the clock. Having a sure victory snatched out of their hands. With their defense emotional drained, and the Packers offense  on an emotional high the two-point conversion was ripe for the taking.

images (1)

Jeff Janis catch “Hail Mary”

Proponents will argue that the Packers didn’t have the personnel to pull off a score from the 2 yard line, in that “crazy” situation. I disagree, teams practice two-point conversions and have those plays on automatic. Do you mean to tell me if the Packers were down by eight scoring a touchdown with zero time on the clock, and the only way they could tie the game would be to go for the 2 point conversion they wouldn’t have a play ready?


Mike McCarthy

C’mon … it comes down to one thing… and I like Mike McCarthy, but, he just doesn’t have a “killer instinct.” So, once again he settled for the “safe” play and this time, the “safe” play didn’t pan out, it just prolonged the inevitable.

Did Sean Payton play it safe when he opened the second half of Super Bowl XLIV with an onside kick…no, and the Saints went on to win their first Super Bowl.

The Packers and Mike McCarty definitely gave us fans a fun season, and we are lucky to have them to root for…remember… you can’t lose a play-off game, if you don’t make it to the play-offs.

Thank you Packers…Can’t wait til next year, and that ride to the Super Bowl!

(photos courtesy of: azcentral,theguardian,nydailynews,packernews)






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