Going Back to Cali…

When Rapper Biggie Smalls released “Going Back to Cali” in 1996, the Rams were already two years removed from the “City of Angels” and playing football 1,829 miles east in St. Louis (the song was not any reference to the to team moving).

After 21 years, Biggie’s Rap is relevant as the Rams to return to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, and will move into to a brand new “entertainment” complex in Inglewood, CA for the 2019 season. Couple that with the fact that the San Diego Chargers could also move to L.A. (they have a year to make it happen), and the #2 media market in the U.S. went from pauper to prince.

The Fearsome Foursome - Lundy, Olsen, Grier, and Jones

The Fearsome Foursome – Lundy, Olsen, Grier, and Jones

The Rams have a rich history in L.A. dating back to 1946. The Fearsome Foursome, NFL Championship 1951, their first Super Bowl (1-20-1980) just to name a few. So the move back made sense, but, what about the city and fans that supported the Rams from 1994-2015?

Super Bowl XXIV

Super Bowl XXIV

While in St. Louis, the Rams made two Super Bowl appearances. Coined the “Greatest Show on Turf”, won Super Bowl XXXIV 23-16 over Tennessee, and dropped Super Bowl XXXVI two years later to the Patriots 20-17. The city that is affectionately tagged as the “Gateway to the West” has now lost two teams to the West. The first time was in 1987 (last game played 12-13-87) that team moved to Phoenix in 1988 (now the Arizona Cardinals).

images (2)

Now they lose the Rams to L.A. after 21 years.

It’s unfortunate, and I don’t see another team going to St. Louis anytime soon, maybe never again, especially with all of the talk of NFL expansion globally.  That’s why we as Packer fans are so lucky that our team is NOT owned by a single owner, but, is run by a Board of Directors that serves as owner. The Packers have been publicly owned as a non-profit corporation since 8/18/1923. It has 360,584 stock holders who collectively own over 5 million shares of stock.

So, if Major League baseball can’t get 437 voters to unanimously vote in Ken Griffey Jr. (434 out of 437) into the Hall of Fame, then there is no way that 360, 584 stock holders will EVER agree to let the Packers move out of Green Bay.



(photos courtesy ofddotoman, snipview, footballeducator, insidesocial, profootballtalk)


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