Welcome to the Hall

A tale of two Hall of Famers… Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza, both of whom garnered enough votes to be enshrined this summer….one with a record setting percentage, one who beat the odds.


Ken Griffey Jr was expected to get voted in on his first ballot, which he did, the big question was, would it be unanimous? It wasn’t… which was no real surprise, there are just too many voters. He did render 99.32%, 434 votes out of 437 and moved ahead of Tom Seaver, who in 1992 received 98.84% (the previous record).

Griffey Jr. should’ve made it in since he was the #1 draft pick over all in 1987, right? Actually he is the FIRST number one overall drafted player to be enshrined. Reggie Jackson was #2 over all and Milwaukee Brewers Robin Yount and Paul Molitor were #3 picks in their drafts.

Los Aneles Dodgers

As for Piazza what the hell was he doing, getting voted “in” on his 4th ballot? Piazza who I personally think deserves the honor with the body of work he put together that spanned 16 years and 5 teams.

Why is his enshrinement so special? Mike Piazza now has the distinct honor of being the LOWEST draft pick to ever get enshrined in Cooperstown (previous John Smoltz – 22nd round #574 by Tigers 1985). Piazza was a junior college first baseman was picked in the 62nd round the 1,390 pick in the 1988 draft. Besides his own hard work he has one person to thank, his god-father Tommy Lasorda manager of the Los Angles Dodgers at the time who was able to make that draft pick happen.

Both Ken Griffey Jr, and Mike Piazza are great examples that … all someone needs is a chance, and what they do with it… is what they do with it.

Congratulations to both!

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