Johnny “Costanza”

We as Packer Fans have it good, so good that even a loss last night to the “hated” Vikings on the holy grounds of Lambeau Field can only sting for a little while. We (and by that I mean the Packers) are still going to the post season. So, Packer fans need to stop whining and feeling sorry for themselves after Sunday night, they can be disappointed in the loss, but, can you imagine what it’s like to be a life long Cleveland Browns fan?!

Maribeth Joeright/ David Dermer of Cortland waits for the start of the Browns-Ravens game Monday night at Cleveland Browns Stadium. A right is Shawn Waters of Cleveland. See Sports for game coverage.

Check this out, the Packers have made the playoffs EVERY SEASON since 2002 except for 2005, and 2006. In that span they managed to get to the NFC Championship game 3 times, and WIN a Super Bowl…. the Browns in that same time span have managed 1 playoff appearance, a Wild Card loss to Pittsburgh in 2002.


My wife and I have friends that live in Florida, who have their roots in Ohio, Megan a Bengals fan, her husband, Jon-Michael (JM) a Browns fan. We recently went to Las Vegas with them during Week 3 of this year’s NFL season. JM and I both placed our bets on various games (JM won a nice par lay). One of my bets was on Cleveland to beat Oakland, JM warned me about the bet, making sure I knew what I was doing. I thought to myself “What the Hell…I’m Vegas with a Browns fan, I’m wearing a Browns t-shirt for support, the Browns WILL win”… and placed the bet….(side note, alcohol may have also played a part in this wager).

Mirage Sports book - Las Vegas, NV

Mirage Sports book – Las Vegas, NV

In the closing minutes of that Browns 27-20 loss, the only thing JM said was “that’s a Brown’s life”… Megan added “if it’s Brown flush it down.” I really made nothing of it.  I kept a watchful eye on  the rest of the Browns season to see if indeed it was really “a Brown’s life.”

It WAS and IS…

The Browns finished the season 3-13 and haven’t had a winning season since 2007 when they went 10-6, and then, like previously mentioned 2002 when they went to the play-offs with a 9-7 record.

George Costanza "trying to get fired"

George Costanza “trying to get fired”

They drafted a quarterback with the 22nd pick of 2014 Draft that, instead of being the next coming of Brian Sipe, is turning out more like George Costanza and trying to “get fired” so he can play somewhere else. Why else would he pull the shenanigans  that he has, just like George pulled in the 8th season of Seinfeld (“The Millennium”) when he was offered a job with the Mets. The “only” catch was George had to get fired from the Yankees in order for the deal to go through…hmmm… this will ring quite familiar if Manziel ends up a Cowboy next season.

Cowboys logo

A day AFTER Browns Head coach Mike Pettine was fired, the Browns Fact -A-Day calendar which was printed months ago has this fact (today): “Whom did Mike Pettine succeed in 2014 as the Browns’ head coach?” How ironic is that? Pettine was the 7th Browns’ coach since 2002…whereas the Pack has only had 2… Mike Sherman and Mike McCarthy.

So Packer fans don’t cry too hard in that brew and those cheese curds about the division, things could always be worse…because once you are in the play-offs, ANYTHING can happen!

(the key is making the play-offs)

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