Murphy’s Law (Chicago Style)

The Chicago Cubs appear to be the team to beat in 2015. According to the “Back to the Future” cinematic series where in part 2 Marty McFly, the main character goes into the future, to the year 2015 and finds out that the Cubs WIN the World Series (in a sweep over a team from Miami).


In the “real world” the Cubs have a very talented young team with some “lights out” pitchers, but, will it be enough to take on Murphy’s Law? Notice I didn’t bring up the infamous “Goat Curse,” because there’s even a BIGGER force the Chicago Nine are up against … which of course includes the “goat”.

I was reading an article on the web about the Cubs and this year’s World Series. What this seemingly team of destiny has to overcome, just about blew my mind. In the article it states a different road block that will prevent the Cubs once again from tasting the sweet champagne of World Series success. That simple obstacle, is the name Murphy.

The last World Series win for the Cubs was in 1908 and their owner’s name: Charles Murphy.

The infamous goat banned from the 1945 World Series was named: Murphy

Murphy the goat 1945

Murphy the goat 1945

In 1969 the Miracle Mets GM’s name: Johnny Murphy and their PA Announcer: Bob Murphy

The site of the 1984  NLCS: Jack Murphy Stadium

2003 with just 5 outs to go in Game 5 against the Florida Marlins (now the MIAMI Marlins) the whole Steve Bartman incident was the perfect definition of Murphy’s Law (anything that can goes wrong will).

Steve Bartman

Steve Bartman

In 2015 the Chinese Year of the Goat, Mets infielder  Daniel Murphy punctuated his first at bat in the bottom of the first inning in this year’s first and second NLCS games against the Cubs with a HOME RUN…The Mets won both games, and are up 2-0 of the best of seven series.

Cubs year

Cubbie fan’s may again be waiting til next year.

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