In yesterday’s blog I asked if you thought the Brewers would finish their regular season with the Cardinals on a high note with a win… how many of you said yes? (I know I didn’t).

I love the Brewers, but, need to be realistic so I can sleep at night. Unfortunately, the Brewers don’t have what St. Louis has, and until they do, Milwaukee will continue to be their “whipping boy.” The Brewers finished their 2015 campaign against the Cardinals 4-11 (how they won 4 is a surprise).

The Cardinals believe they can win because, from the minors on up it is instilled in them. Being part of the media I get to see things at the ballpark before fans arrive, and when I see how the Cardinals are run I understand why they win. The best way to describe it is military-like. These players have rules and regiments that they abide by, and I don’t think it’s so much that they want to, but, they know if they do, they’ll win. Why else does every “next man up” excel.

2011 Game 6 NLCS

2011 Game 6 NLCS

Remember 2011 when St. Louis came to town for game 6 of the NLCS? I was there, and one could just feel in the air that the Brewers were doomed, there was no way they were winning that game. That’s because of the aura that comes in tow with the Cardinals Organization whether it’s game 1, 15, 98, or the post season. The “Evil Empire” to the West doesn’t rely on catching lightening in a bottle like the Brewers bank on…they just win.

How else do you explain 11 post season appearances since 2000, compared to the Brewers 4 since 1970.

(we have the Cardinals here in Wisconsin, they are called the Green Bay Packers)

Here’s a perfect example of a “WINNING ATTITUDE”… I asked Mike Matheny why he made 2 pitching changes in the bottom of the 9th with zero runners on base, his team up 6-0, and his team in complete control, here is his response:

download (1)

Unless the Brewers take a page out of the fictitous manual “The Cardinal Way,” Brewer fans may soon be adopting the phrase that we joke the Cub fans have toted around since WWII and gas was .21/gallon… “Wait till Next Year.”

Cubs year

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