Th’ Winds Be A Changin’

Last season 2014-15 was the first time in little over a decade our beloved AHL hockey team failed to make the play-offs, which left plenty o landlubbing Admiral fans disappointed.

So maybe a change had to be made to shake things up, sometimes a new look is all that it takes. The Admirals are changing their look, and it’s pretty cool.

The Great One

The Great One

Take for example the L.A. Kings of the NHL. They has been around since 1967, but, never really made a splash until 1988 when they changed their colors from  purple and yellow to a stronger more tough black and silver…they also acquired the “Great One,” Wayne Gretzky), but, none the less the change gave them a new attitude which other teams and fans psychologically looked at them differently. They improved…and now have two Stanley Cups.


Maybe that is what the Admirals are looking for, and hopefully it works, since the last Championship Trophy they hoisted here off the shores of Lake Michigan was in the 2003-04 season, and the last time they were in the Championship was 2005-06.


The Admirals logo and uniforms have evolved from their inception in the early 1970’s of a very unassuming hockey player with the colors of red white and blue. Next a cartoonish “skating sailor” admiral, followed by a tougher looking Admiral which led to their only title (The Calder Cup). Most recently a cartoonish pirate skeleton who used a skeleton leg as a hockey stick.

The NEWEST installment is a very ghost like and ominous skeleton skull with a pirate hat. I like it…and I think the fans of the team will too.



As for the upcoming season, the new look Admirals will take home ice on  Friday October 16th at 7pm. Tickets and season tickets can be purchased by calling the Admirals office at 414-227-0550 or online at (where NEW merchandise can be bought) and follow them on Twitter @mkeadmirals

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