The “Todd-Father” is King

First let me start this blog by saying I’ve now been up for 27 hours, 6 of which were driving from Muskego, Wisconsin to Cincinnati to cover this year’s Home Run Derby and 86th All-Star Game. I’m tired, but, it is a good tired, because I just finished watching what I believe was the BEST HOME RUN DERBY EVER!

MLB got it right, the NEW single elimination bracket format is awesome, it sets the stage for a “walk off” victor each round, which really gets the crowd going and keeps them hanging on every pitch… I know I was.

2015 MLB Home Run Derby

2015 MLB Home Run Derby

Todd Frazier a.ka. the “Todd Father” won this first installment  of the new format in dramatic fashion “Walking Off”  against Dodger rookie Joc Pederson 15-14 on the first pitch of “extended time.” He did the same thing to two time champ Prince Fielder in the first round when he jacked the first pitch again in O.T. 455 ft to advance to the second round.

Another very cool moment was when Albert Pujols hit his “walk off” during the first round with the buzzer sounding as the home run ball hit it’s apex before landing in a sea of red in the left field stands.

Each round was 4 minutes which was plenty of time, each player could ask for one :45 second time out, and was granted :30 extra seconds at the end of the round if they hit 2 home runs equal or exceeds 425 feet.

This format is great, kudos to whoever came up with it, and CONGRATULATIONS to #21 (and his brother, Charlie, who pitched to him) on being only the 2nd host city player to win the Derby.

#21 Frazier Home Run Derby 2015

#21 Frazier Home Run Derby 2015

(I know I picked Joc Pederson to win it, and he almost did, but, this result is pretty damn cool also)

good night…

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2 thoughts on “The “Todd-Father” is King

  1. That was fun to watch! Having Frazier win it in front of his fans was a bonus. Next year MLB should award the bonus time for hitting a home run hit 450ft or more to qualify (every player received the bonus yesterday).

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