What’s in a Number?

The numbers I am speaking of, mean both success and failure to two MLB teams this season, 52 for the Dodgers and 54 (possibly 56) for our Brewers. Just on the surface one would more than likely choose the larger number and be happy, because most times more is better, we all want more more money, right? If given the chance to have $54 or $52 I’m pretty sure everyone would take the $54.

I’m not talking about money in this futuristic projection though, so for right now the better number is the smaller one, this time the smaller one equals success.

Pederson vs Brewers 2015

Pederson vs Brewers 2015 courtesy of USA TODAY

L.A. Dodgers rookie centerfielder Joc Pederson has a chance to eclipse the single season home run record by a rookie set by his batting coach Mark Mcquire in 1987 at 49. Pederson who did not have a “round tripper” in last nights game (6/4/15) against the Cardinals sits at 17 in 54 games. He had just come off of a clip where he hit 5 “dingers” in 5 games giving him a home run in every 3.1 games which in turn projects him out at 52 for the season. Pretty impressive, and outstanding considering only 3 other rookies in their rookie season hit 5 home runs in 5 straight games…Caleb Joseph 2014, Marty Cordova 1995, and Ron Kittle in 1983.

Mark McGuire 1987

Mark McGuire 1987

Now to the opposite end of the spectrum, our own Milwaukee Brewers who in the same 54 games are sporting a 18-36 record the worst in Major League Baseball and are on pace to finish with 54 wins in the 162 game season.

The worst finish for the Crew was in 2002 when they finished with a 56-106 record, ironically 54 games in to that season (like this one) they were also 18-36, so somehow Counsell’s team will have to find a way to pick up the pace so as not finish worse than that team.

Craig Counsell - Courtesy of USA TODAY

Craig Counsell – Courtesy of USA TODAY

As is it stands, the 2015 season could come to a close with a rookie having more home runs then wins by a team that has been 40 plus years seasoned…something to think about…


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