Seattle Seahawk, Marshawn Lynch A.K.A BEASTMODE loves his Skittles, he can’t get enough of the “rainbow”…but, what he doesn’t love is the media and answering questions. Why is that? Is it because he would rather be consuming said Skittles and it’s not polite to speak with your mouth full? Is it because he’s not confident in his higher education at Berkeley and the words that he speaks? Is it because he’s a jerk? Or maybe is this his way of looking for attention? marshawn-lynch-skittles

Whatever the case may be it is annoying, but, his right. The real culprits in the Marshawn Lynch saga are the members of the media. #24 obviously doesn’t want to talk, so WHY CONTINUE TO PURSUE IT?! You know what you’re going to get…nothing! A member of Seattle’s media that covers the Seahawks regularly and works at 950 KJR say he doesn’t even bother going to Lynch’s locker after a game, because it’s a waste of time. BINGO!

Wednesday was “media day” at the Super Bowl and all the buzz was for Beast-Mode and how would he react, and what would he say? He said nothing except “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” 25 separate times making fools of the media. What a joke, you can actually see Dion Sanders with a microphone laughing as the interview is going on…Lynch is a joke to Sanders as well as the rest of the media…a joke that they created.


Just leave the dude alone, that’s clearly what he wants, or does he? Why wear gold spikes if you don’t want to answer questions about them.

Then yesterday (Thursday), Lynch comes to the podium to offer a statement, basically reprehending the media, mentions his “hat” that he is selling, and answers a question about his charity….oh yeah he also gives a few defiant shout outs in response to some questions, including one to “the real Africans out there”…wait, what?! Are there fake ones? I’m confused.

GTY 462417770 S SPO FBN USA AZ

When you are a child and you are “acting up,” a lot of times you will hear parents say “don’t laugh, don’t encourage him, he’s just looking for attention” That is EXACTLY what the media needs to do with Lynch. Don’t pursue him, just let him be, that’s supposedly what he wants. Maybe his “non-interviews” are his way of gaining added attention when he’s off the field. Who knows?

What I would love to see, that would never happen in a million years, is for Lynch win the Super Bowl MVP and the media go “ghost town” on him…don’t ask him a single question.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 

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