This Buds For You

Exiting MLB Commissioner Alan “Bud” Selig will be stepping down from his post which he has held from 1992, on January 25th and felt like he needed to leave one last mark in baseball before he hands the reigns over to Rob Manfred, well that mark came Sunday evening in the Show Me State.

Selig during his tenure helped small market clubs compete, introduced Interleague play, made the All-Star game mean something,as well as a number of other “tweaks,” and for those moves he has been revered as one of the greatest commissioners the game has ever seen, next to probably Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Here in Milwaukee he has almost king or “god” like status because not only was he able to bring baseball BACK to our fair city after the Braves moved to Atlanta, but, he was able to keep them here with the building of Miller Park. Bud already has a statue outside of Miller Park, his name on the “Walk of Fame,” “Wall of Honor,” and last year was honored with having an actual player number retired (#1) in his name, there will be an area inside the park honoring him, along with other upcoming accolades in the future to honor him.


So, how are the fans of the Brewers, and the city of Milwaukee “thanked?” Alan Bud Selig proclaimed ST. LOUIS as being the “best baseball city”… yes, our ARCH RIVALS to the west….ST. LOUIS! Their fans and broadcasters already throw around “the best fans in baseball” moniker and this will only make them seem even more arrogant and annoying…because, now it seems legit!

Bud was in St. Louis to receive the first ever Schoendienst Medal from the St. Louis chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Maybe he was drinking the Cardinal “kool-aid” and got caught up in the moment … but still he didn’t have to disrespect Milwaukee, he could’ve just kept his mouth shut.

Hell, maybe the narcissist in him was looking for another statue?

HERE’S THE TWEET: “I visit all 30 baseball cities, and you are the best baseball city”


One thought on “This Buds For You

  1. Bud’s thoughts on the game of baseball are medicore at best in my opinion. 1) DH. Make it in both leagues or in neither 2)not lifting the ban on Pete Rose one of the greatest hitters in baseball just to name two. Maybe before he leaves office he can have the Brewers sell Budwiser beer at MILLER Park. He can not leave soon enough.

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