Greatest Catch of ALL TIME?

The catch that NY Giants Odell Beckham Jr. made last night was “off the hook” and one of the most amazing catches I had ever seen, but for me it’s still NOT #1.

Other catches that make my list:



– David Tyree, NY Giants catch in the Super Bowl XLII. Somehow Tyree pinned the ball to his helmet as he caught it, and secured it while hitting the ground keeping the Giants winning drive alive.



– Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers catch in the back corner of the end zone in Super Bowl XLIII on the last play of the game.



– Franco Harris’ Immaculate Reception in the AFC Playoffs December 23, 1972

I’m sure there are others but those are the first most vivid ones that stick out.

But, the catch of all catches for me occurred on Monday Night Football November 6th 2000. I was in Arizona with my friend John for NASCAR the day before. The night of the game we were in a sports bar in Tempe eating wings and rooting on the Packers. Antonio Freeman caught a pass on a rainy night in Green Bay from Brett Favre in over time, that required the concentration of a surgeon. After his demonstration of poetry in motion Freeman continued onto the end zone for the score and ANOTHER PACKER VICTORY!



For the actual video of this AMAZING CATCH go to my blog at under the “on air” tab “Jeff Miller Sports”

I’m sure there are other GREAT CATCHES that I may have missed, which one is yours?

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