Green and Growing AGAIN!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but, I am actually looking forward to tonight’s Bucks game… WHAT?!? The Bucks?!? Yes, the Milwaukee Bucks are fun to watch again!

A generation is defined as roughly 30 years, so basically the same generation of Wisconsin sports fans that don’t remember the “lean” Packer years, also have no first hand recollection of the Bucks glory years, when the “Milwaukee five” made the playoffs every year, and not the 8th and final seed…one of the favorites.

1980-81 Bucks

1980-81 Bucks

In their history the Bucks have made 25 post season appearances, winning the division 13 times, the conference twice, and World Champions once (1971). A bulk of those division championships were in the 1980’s (80,81,82,83,84,85,and 86). Those great years, were followed by the complacent 90’s and 00’s, the Bucks were no longer “Green and Growing,” they were more like “Wilted and Dying,” with the exception of 2001, when they won their last division title, and a game from going to the Finals.

2001 Conference Finals vs 76ers

2001 Conference Finals vs 76ers

Enter 2014… this Bucks team is young and full of fire. They are 5-5 on the season already, last year it took them 21 games to win 5 games (on 12/21), and that five turned out to be one third of their wins for the entire season (15-67).

O.J. Mayo

O.J. Mayo

It’s evident that this team is hungry and wants to win. Players are flying across the floor for balls headed out of bounds, and playing solid defense. It’s clear that this is a “TEAM,” and not just individuals looking for their next paycheck.

Am I saying they are going to win a Championship this year?…No. I’m not even saying that they are going to make the playoffs, what I am saying is that greener pastures around around the corner, and Bucks fans should be ready for a fun ride!

Keep in mind the Bucks started from scratch when they were formed in 1968, and it took them 3 years to win it all…the Bucks are basically starting from scratch with their new coach, and young roster… so, we just may be raising a banner in the near future, I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.



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