Derrick “Thorn” Whoops I mean Rose

There’s a reason why Derrick Rose wears the #1 on his jersey, because that’s who he’s looking out for…or maybe he just made it easier for NBA fans to give him the “one (middle) finger salute.”

Ah Derrick Rose just ANOTHER self-centered athlete who has it way too good, and doesn’t appreciate it. He has a $95 million dollar GUARANTEED contract to play a child’s game and instead of “earning” it on the court with his teammates. He’s worried about how his body is going to feel 16 years from now when he attends his son’s graduation, or when he’s 50 sitting in a meeting. So to combat this, he chooses to sit out games.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose



Now, if he said he was hurting, then that’s a different story, but he arrogantly said he was fine. If Derrick wants to take it easy on his body maybe he should become a golfer (NOT A TEAM SPORT), or maybe he could retire…but wait then he wouldn’t get his $95 million a year. If he retired, maybe he would get picked up as an analyst for the NBA…but, something makes me think he would find an excuse not to “work” then either.

Game 5 1997 "The Flu Game"

Game 5 1997 “The Flu Game”

Michael Jordan played with the flu in the 1997 Finals against the Jazz, he played 44 minutes and scored 38 points, not to mention the game winner at the buzzer. Brett Favre played with broken fingers, and every kind of alminent possible throughout his career, he even played 24 hours after his dad passed away and threw for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns.

12/22/03 Favre vs Oakland MNF

12/22/03 Favre vs Oakland MNF

Add these players to the list as well, Curt Schilling, Ray Nitschke, and Dick Butkis. (Where do you think Rose would’ve been if he played for Dallas or Green Bay in the “Ice Bowl”).

Packers Cowboy 12/31/67  "The Ice Bowl"

Packers Cowboy 12/31/67 “The Ice Bowl”

There’s a reason why Nike didn’t pick up Rose to endorse their shoes, one of their slogans is: “Pain is temporary, Pride is forever.

NOT “I can’t play because my dress didn’t come back from the dry cleaners yet.”

How about the everyday construction worker that have to provide for their families despite harsh weather conditions, getting paid a mere fraction of what Rose gets, and lucky to get 2 weeks vacation a year (NBA Players get at least 5 months off).

My dad worked his ass off for 40 years as a construction electrician to provide for my mom, sister and myself. I never heard him once complain about going to work, or just decide to take time off, just to do it. Why?… because he had pride in himself, his work, and his family, it would also result in a smaller paycheck, and who knows maybe even getting laid off – without pay.

Derrick Rose is an immature child, and I can’t imagine what he would do if he had to actually WORK for a living.

Lest we forget there is one other type of person that has it way harder than everyone else…are military, the men and women that protect our great nation…RIP Pat Tillman.

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman














One thought on “Derrick “Thorn” Whoops I mean Rose

  1. He played in 49 games the last 3 seasons! He’ll wait until next season he will turn it up a notch so he can extend his contract which is up in 16-17.

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