“Game Seven” are there two sweeter words to a true baseball fan? I think not. Even though the seventh game of the World Series is the finale, it sometimes falls by the wayside to its “little brother,” game six. Why is this? 


Game 6, is the game that could bring back the team that was down and give them new life, it would be the climax in a Shakespearean play, it’s where the tension is the highest. In Romeo and Juliet it is in the Third Act, the banishment of Romeo. In the 110th World Series as it is in every World Series that goes 7 games its game 6. It’s WIN or GO HOME…all the chips are on the table.

Last night was no different, the Royals who haven’t scored a run since the 3rd inning of game 4, put together a hitting clinic last night, belting out 15 hits and plating 10 runs…7 of which came in the second inning.

Other Shakespearean Game Sixes:

Freese triple in Game 6

Freese triple in Game 6

2011- Six lead changes led to this classic. The Cardinals were one strike from elimination, when David Freese ripped a triple to tie the game in the ninth, then went on to win it for the Cardinals in the 11th with a home run. St. Louis went on to defeat Texas in Game 7 and win that World Series.

Bartman Vs. Alou

Bartman Vs. Alou

1993- The “Bartman Game” even though this isn’t a World Series it is still a game 6 and fits the Shakespearean model to a tee. The Cubs, who were on their way to their first World Series since 1945 if it wasn’t for an incident in the top of the eighth that led to a domino effect preventing them from reaching the Fall Classic yet again. With two out in the top of the eighth of the NLCS, Luis Castillo of the Wild Card Miami Marlins came to the plate and floated a foul ball toward the left field stands in foul territory, Cubs left fielder Moises Alou was unable to catch the ball because of the fans near the wall, which gave the Marlins new life. The mental collapse by the Cubs that followed that play resulted in an 8-3 defeat, and the Marlins went on to win Game 7 and eventually the World Series.

Safe? ... no replay, yet.

Safe? … no replay, yet.

1985- “I-70 Showdown Series” turned up “Royal,” do to a blown call at first by umpire Don Denkinger in the bottom of the ninth. The Cardinals were leading the Royals 1-0 when Denkinger’s call on the flip from first baseman Jack Clark to pitcher Todd Worrell to get Jorge Orta at first base was called safe instead of out. Then some miscommunication, a wild pitch, an error, and a single by the Cards former teammate Dane Iorg drove in the 2 runs needed to extend the series another day. The Royals went on to win game seven and the World Series.



1986- “E3″…that is all any baseball fan needs to see in order to recount that fateful night at Shea Stadium. The Mets were down to their last out, when they began to slap hit after hit on Boston’s pitcher Bob Stanley. Everything finally culminated with a ball that somehow found a hole and slipped through Bill Buckner’s glove at first base which allowed the winning run (Ray Knight) to score, giving the Mets the victory. NY went on to win game seven the next night and the Championship.



1975- The “Man and the Monster”… Three days of rain highlighted the anticipation of game six between the Big Red Machine – Cincinnati, and the loveable underdogs – Boston. The Sox took an early lead with three runs in the first, the Reds eventually managed to work a lead to 6-3, and had their perverbal foot on the throats of the “Boston Nine.” That’s when Sox pinch hitter Bernie Carbo came to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs and belted a two strike, 3 run home run to tie the game. Red Sox right field Darrel Evans made an incredible catch in right in the 11th setting the table for one of the most memorable home runs in the history of the game…Carlton Fisk… willing the ball he hit fair over the Green Monster for the win. The Reds went on to win the Series the next night.

I’m sure there are others, and maybe this article helped tap those memories.

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