Seeing RED!

What Happened?!…Where were the #14 Wisconsin Badgers Saturday night? They sure as hell weren’t in Houston taking on the #13 LSU Tigers. Even though the Badgers led for 3/4ths the game, it didn’t feel like it. They lost 28-24 and pretty much put the chance of competing for a National Title out of the realm of possibility… even with the NEW playoff system in place. Their remaining schedule is just not strong enough.

Melvin Gordon flashed his Heisman Trophy persona during the first half  with 12 rushes for 76 yards – and a TD (Gordon finished with 139yds), but where was he in the second half? His first touch of the second half he ran for 63 yards, but only had 3 touches for the rest of the game….how is that possible?! He’s their “bread and butter.”

Gordon on the move

Gordon on the move

The secondary, needs to do ONE thing and ONE thing only for the Badgers to be successful the rest of the season…TURN AROUND! How many plays did Badger defenders NOT turn around, and only by dumb luck the pass fell incomplete. The secondary also got away with a few “interference calls” that the refs missed.

LSU getting by Bucky

LSU getting by Bucky

Tanner McEvoy, was supposed to be an upgrade of last year’s starter Joel Stave because of his mobility, but, that really wasn’t the case. Sure, McEvoy did make a play or two with his feet, but for the most part he was a liability under center, throwing off of his back foot, missing receivers by 5 – 10 yards on deep routes or throwing into ridiculous coverage. To be perfectly honest he looked scared. Stave should’ve been brought in after the second Badger series of the second half, he knows the system, and would’ve brought a veteran sense of calm to the offense. McEvoys final numbers 8 for 24 with 2 interceptions, and ZERO TDs, with his longest completion being 14 yards. Stave could have put up the same number so there really was no upgrade.

#5 McEvoy -QB (but for how long?)

#5 McEvoy -QB (but for how long?)

Finally time management, I thought we had that problem under wraps after Brett went to Arkansas to become a pig farmer… (They lost Saturday as well 45-21 to Auburn). There were a number of times Bucky was caught holding the bag while precious seconds ticked off the clock, a prime example was when LSU had to punt with a little over 3 minutes left in the game, instead of Badger Head Coach Gary Andersen using one of the Badger 3 time outs, letting LSU run the clock down to a delay of game, then punt…. burning 40+ seconds, which in football is key.

Unless the Badgers shape up this could be a VERY long season… the Badgers should have 2 easy wins to boost their confidence, but after that, look out, no one in the Big Ten is a push over, and Iowa is looking tough.

One thought on “Seeing RED!

  1. McEvoy looked pathetic. Coach Andersen is making up injuries and covering for Stave. There has to be someone on the 100+ roster who can throw the ball!

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