The Milwaukee Mallory Edens

The Bucks were awarded the 2nd overall pick in next months NBA Draft via the lottery Tuesday night. The fact that they received the second pick is sort of bittersweet…the second pick will still garner a great athlete, but number one would’ve been sweeter…everyone wants to be number one, right?

Bango showing #2

Bango showing the Bucks Draft spot after lottery drawing

The 76ers with Dr. J as their representative received the third overall pick, both Boston and L.A. fell outside the top ten, while the Cavaliers with a 1.7% chance of the number one pick got the “golden ticket and will pick first on June 26th (provided they don’t trade it away).

I had expressed in my blog the other day that I basically had no faith in the NBA and the lottery…the jury is still out, but I am glad that I was wrong with who got what, and where.

The nice thing about the second pick is that the national spotlight is off the Bucks for right now, and they can concentrate on who to draft without the media badgering and speculating for the next month on the team’s plan.

Mallory Eden

Mallory Edens

It may be a different story for the Bucks representative at the draft, Mallory Edens. The 18 year old who is one of the co-owner’s daughter stole the show, and gained a WHOLE LOT of attention, and a WHOLE LOT new twitter followers.

Wiggins & Parker

Parker & Wiggins

As I see it, the Bucks will take either Wiggins, or Parker depending on who is left after the first pick, but, I still feel the Bucks need to get their hands on another top 10 THIS YEAR. I still believe it needs to be Doug McDermott from Creighton. He’s an outside threat, and maybe the next Larry Bird, which the NBA desperately needs.



Why not have him here in Milwaukee?

(yes, I typed “the next Larry Bird” and I could be wrong, but like the Great One, Wayne Gretzky has been quoted as saying “100% of the shots I didn’t take, didn’t go in”)



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