“So what,” that’s my response to what happened Sunday afternoon at PNC Park when a fight broke out between Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez, and the WHOLE Pittsburgh Pirate team! Apparently, Pirates starting Pitcher Gerrit Cole got a little wordy with Gomez after Gomez just missed a home run and instead legged out a triple. Carlos took offense, and became aggressively verbal, moving toward Cole after the play. I believe that would’ve been it, a bunch of jawing, and chest thumping… but… Pirate Outfielder Travis Snider, who was probably sick of warming the bench Sunday afternoon got up, and jumped into the middle of things; that’s when all hell broke loose.

Travis Snider and Carlos Gomez

Travis Snider and Carlos Gomez

Gomez went to the ground, and Snider ended up bloodied after Martin Maldonado landed a right cross to his noggin. Both Gomez, and Snider were ejected.

Apparently in the eyes of the Pirates this all could have been avoided if Carlos didn’t “showboat” after hitting what he initially thought was a round tripper in the top of the third. Sure, Carlos plays for my team the Milwaukee Brewers, but if I thought he “showboated” I would call him out on it, but he didn’t.

The Pirates who before Sunday’s game had lost 5 of 6 games to the Crew had become the Brewers “whipping boy” AGAIN were probably frustrated and looking for something to set them off. There it was… an innocent “bat flip,” on a ball that just missed a home run by maybe 18 inches over 300+ feet away.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Benches didn’t clear when Barry Bonds watched his allegedly steroid infused homers splash down game after games into McCovey Cove in San Francisco. Yankee Stadium didn’t become a mob scene when their beloved “Captain” Derek Jeter watched what he thought was a home run hit off the wall in left field for a double, which by the way he almost got thrown out on because he took his time getting down to first to admire it on Opening Day in the Bronx. No one seems to mind when a pitcher starting or in relief shows some emotion after a big strike out. So why Carlos?

Derek Jeter Opening Day NY 2014

Derek Jeter Opening Day NY 2014

It’s not so much Carlos it’s the Brewers and the lack of respect the other teams have for them, maybe they’re not suppose to have swagger or personality… well “tough” the other 29 teams need to get over themselves, because the last time I looked, this is a kids game played by millionaires, why not have fun?! There is no need to “mean mug” or feel “disrespected.” Are these players so thin skinned?



One thing I have to say about Carlos is that he is extremely passionate about the game, and his fortunate place in it. If he wants to “celebrate” by flipping a bat on a fly out, speed around the bases during a home run, or watch a ball in flight, so be it. I believe Carlos is the LAST player to intentionally show up another team.

“Keep On Keepin’ On” Carlos…you deserve it!

By the way the Brewers defeated the Pirates 3-2 in 14 innings off of a solo home run by Khris Davis. The Pirates got owned again…that’s 6 of 7 so far this year the Brewers have taken from them.

The MUST SEE VIDEO is at: http://www.thebig920.com/onair/jeff-miller-sports-53489/gogogomez-12270793#ixzz2zWh0JiMK

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