The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of Buzzkill “one that has a depressing or negative effect.” We’ve all been there, we’ve been at a party having a good time until someone starts some drama, or have taken a test in school thinking you aced it when in fact you had the wrong formulas and failed it, or maybe knowing you aced an interview and there is no way you wouldn’t get the job… then you don’t, because you weren’t on the “in.”

Well for Brewer fans they need to look no further than the St. Louis “Freakin” Cardinals! The “BUZZKILL” Cardinals waltzed into town played an average game and started some “drama” at the Crew’s party.

The Cards stopped a 9 game winning streak, as well as stopping the number of games that the Brewers pitching staff had gone with allowing the opposing team 3 or less earned runs a game at 26.

Bruce Sutter after the last out of the '82 World Series

Bruce Sutter after the last out of the ’82 World Series

If you haven’t already figured out I have no “love” for the Redbirds. My first experience in Brewer heartbreak was when Willie McGee and the Cards beat my beloved Brewers in the 1982 World Series in seven games, winning the last two, to take the Championship. Then, what seemed like lifetime later, they defeated the 2011 Brewers at Miller Park in game 6 of the N.L. Playoffs to advance to the World Series, that they eventually went on to win.

In between there have been A LOT of losses, and in the last 2 seasons including last night the Cardinals have a 25 – 11 record against Milwaukee. It just gets old, but always stings! The Cardinals are like that bully at school that takes your lunch money everyday…pretty soon you just concede and hand it over, that’s what Monday night felt like… it had no real fight.

Jon Jay takes Matt Garza "yard"

Jon Jay takes Matt Garza “yard”

Two pitches did the Brewers in, the first pitch of the 2nd inning, when Jhonny Peralta tattooed a “no doubt about it” home run to center off of Brewer starter Matt Garza. Then the second pitch came in the 6th after the Brewers had executed two defensive plays, that quelled two runs and kept the game at 1-0. That’s when Brewer killer John Jay took a 1-2 pitch “yard” for a 3 run home run. Whatever momentum the Crew had produced with their defense was gone, and the Cards were up 4-0.

Matt Holiday cut down at home 8-6-2

Matt Holiday cut down at home 8-6-2

On a positive note, Brewers rookie Wei-Chung Wang made his Major League debut in the ninth, he pitched a scoreless inning giving up just a hit. He is the 11th Taiwanese player to play in the Major Leagues (8th pitcher and 1st Brewer). His performance helped keep the Brewers league leading ERA for releivers at 0.77.

The Brewers never really threatened considering they only had 3 hits, striking out 12 times, and stranded 6. The same two teams go at it again tonight when Marco Estrada (1-0 2.31 ERA) takes on Shelby Miller (0-2 6.35).

Last night, I had convinced myself up until the last out that somehow the Brewers were going to pull off a win in their 4-0 defeat. I admit I may have been drinking the kool-aid too soon and my “buzz” got killed….BUT…I have to, like all Brewer fans have to, keep everything in perspective, it’s only one loss, the Brewers are still on top of the N.L. Central with a 10-4 record, and have a nice base to build on.

The Brewers will still win 91 games and be playing in October, mark my words.

If you want to see that GREAT RELAY to cut down Matt Holiday go to:

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