LUGE Accomplishment

One normal step for the Olympics…one LUGE step the U.S.!

Erin Hamlin-USA

Erin Hamlin-USA

In the Golden Anniversary Year of the luge as an Olympic Sport (1964 Innsbruck, Austria)… Bronze is the medal of honor for the U.S.

Remsen, New York resident, 27 year old Erin Hamlin, wrote some U.S. history yesterday (2/11/14) when she became the first indiviual United States slider to medal in the luge in the Winter Games.



Hamlin put up runs on the 1325 meter (.823 of a mile) track which included 17 turns, of 50.356 seconds, 50.276, 50.165, and 50.348 for a four run total of 3:21.145 which was good enough to fend off Canadain slider Alex Gough (3:21.578). Hamlin’s total was 0.236 seconds from Silver.

The Gold and Silver were won by German sliders, Natalie Geisenberger (3:19.768) and Tatjana Hufner (3:20.907) respectively. Germany has dominated this sport in the Olympics since its inception, and have accumulated 72 medals in all three events (Men’s Singles/Doubles, Womens Singles). In Womens Singles, Germany has 31 medals, Austria 6, Italy 2, Russia 2, and now the U.S. with 1.

Geisenberger-Gold, Hufner- Silver, Hamlin-Bronze

#2 Geisenberger-Gold, #9 Hufner- Silver, #11 Hamlin-Bronze

Event though this is the first medal individually for the U.S. in this event, Team USA has metaled in the past. Hamlim’s coach Mark Grimmette won Bronze in Nagano (1998), and Silver in Salt Lake (2002) with his sliding partner Brian Martin. As for the other two luge medals for the U.S. they go to Chris Thorpe who won Silver in Nagano with Gordon Sheer, and Bronze at Salt Lake with Clay Ives.

Congratulations Erin! You can send her congratulations, and follow her on twitter @erinhamlin



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