Lighten up Chipper

In the 1981 comedy “Stripes” starring Bill Murray, there is a scene where all the new recruits are in the barracks telling a little about themselves. One particular recruit, Francis, goes on a diatribe describing different “lines” if crossed he’ll kill ya’….including calling him by his name Francis instead of Psycho. Sergeant Hulka, realizes that Psycho is a little tightly strung and simply say “Lighten Up Francis,” basically saying “hey…don’t take yourself so seriously, because you sound like a jack-ass.”

Sgt. Hulka - "Stripes"

Sgt. Hulka – “Stripes”

Let me be the “Sgt., Hulka” to former Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones and say “Lighten up Chipper.” The Future Hall of Famer is still miffed about an incident that happened just about two months ago, that’s when Jones threw out the opening pitch for Game 1 of the NLDS to Homer, the Braves Mascot…for simply NOT being a “homer.”

"non-Homer"  Chipper Jones 2013 NLDS

“non-Homer” Chipper Jones 2013 NLDS

A “homer” picks his team to win no matter what, well before the 2013 NLDS Chipper went on to say that the Braves would not beat the Dodgers in the series….BIG MISTAKE…Chipper a lifetime Brave of 19 years, needs to express his support for the home team even if his doesn’t believe it.

Ditka, always picks Da’Bears.

Strahan, always picks the Giants, so on and so forth, that’s what hometown heroes do.

Chipper made a big mistake, and picked the Dodgers, word got around the Atlanta clubhouse, and no Brave wanted to be on the receiving end of “Benedict Arnold’s” ceremonial first pitch, so he had to throw it to Homer the team mascot.



Chipper has previously expressed his disdain in the matter, but apparently just can’t let it go. Again on Sunday(12-1-13) he tweeted: [“What if Huddy takes the mound for the first time in SF next yr, and no one is there to catch the ‘first pitch’? Maybe the mascot? #karma 6:42 PM – 1 Dec 2013]

The tweet was in reference to long time Brave Tim Hudson’s debut for the Giants next season.
C’mon Chipper you’re going to be enshrined the Hall in a few years… on the grand scheme of things nobody really care who caught your pitch. Just chalk it up as a learning experience …. never pick against the home team…and lighten up!

3 thoughts on “Lighten up Chipper

  1. i’m witchya on this one too. I think it was pretty cool that everyone on the team passed on catching chipper’s “first pitch”
    so that it had to be the mascot. chipper has disappointed a lot of people for being so small on this and not just dropping it.

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