How does that old saying go?… “A tie in sports is like kissing your own sister.” That’s exactly the case with the Packers Sunday afternoon, and their game with their NFC rival Minnesota Vikings when it ended in a 26-26 tie. It was the second overtime tie between the two teams (previously in 1978, also in Green Bay), and because of the new regular season overtime rules (2012) became the first overtime tie in NFL history where both teams scored in overtime.

Flynn to the recuse...ALMOST

Flynn to the recuse…ALMOST

The Packers fought their way back into the game with the Vikings after they made a QB change with 8:22 left in the third quarter trailing 20-7. Packer starter Scott Tolzien was only able to muster 98 yards on 7 for 17 day. He did get a chance to do the “Lambeau Leap” when he rushed for a touchdown early in the second quarter, which was their only points up to that points. Flynn became the fourth Packers quarterback this season since Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone Nov. 4 against the Chicago Bears.

Flynn and Ponder tie 26-26

Flynn and Ponder tie 26-26

A tie in the NFL is unusual, but not that unusual, the last one in the NFL was last year on 11/11/12 when 49ers and Rams ended their game at 24 each. The last one for the “Green and Gold” was 9/20/87 when they and the Broncos were knotted up at 17 after the final whistle.  Since 1919 The Packers have logged 37 ties in their storied history.


3 thoughts on “Mwah…

  1. Well let’s face it, it could have been much worse. The losses from Chicago and Detroit help, but we’re still hurting. I’m pretty sure that after yesterday’s game Flynn will be starting on Thanksgiving. He didn’t look bad at all, our D looked like crap.

  2. It’s pretty sad when a couple of the Packers players admitted that they thought the game would go into a 2nd OT because it was still tied….nice communication between coaches & players. At least the rest of the division sucks!

  3. Granted the d stinks, but with everyone coming back like people are thinking the Packers might make a good run in the playoffs a lot of the starters will be fresh and ready to go

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