Royalty comes to the Lone Star State

The first major splash in MLB’s offseason has come to fruition, and not sure anyone really anyone saw it coming…

Prince in Milwaukee

Prince in Milwaukee

Prince Fielder left the Brewers 2 years ago in free agency when the Tigers offered and over paid him $214 million for 9 years in hopes he was the key to a World Series Championship, something the city lacked since 1984. Prince is now leaving Motown in a trade after being dealt to the Texas Rangers Wednesday night for second baseman Ian Kinsler.


In Fielders two seasons as a Tiger he batted .295, compiled 55 home runs, and 241 RBI in 324 games. He also helped his team get into the playoffs both seasons, which included one World Series… that they lost. The post season is where Fielder’s futility may have made him a liability. In those two post seasons he batted .196 with 1 home run, and only 3 RBI, in 24 games.

Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler

Texas’ Kinsler on the other hand who also signed a substantial contract in the beginning of 2012 (5yr/$75 million) batted .311 in the Rangers last two post seasons with 4 home runs, and 20 RBI in 34 games.

Post season productivity may be one part of the reason for Fielder’s exit, but the other part is definitely his salary. He is still guaranteed $168 million on his contract, while Kinsler is still only guaranteed $62 million. Even-though Detroit kicked in $30 million to the Rangers in the deal, the Motor City Kitties will still come out ahead “cash-wise.”  Funds that can be used to re-sign Max Scherzer their 2013 Cy Young Award winner (who becomes a free agent after this season), and retain Miguel Cabrera when his contract comes up. Cabrera whose body cannot handle another year at third base will move to 1st where he can try to string together a third consecutive AL MVP, and maybe add a second Triple Crown in the process.

Fielder has a “no trade clause” in his contract, one of them being the Rangers, but who knows maybe with his recent personal problems (his divorce) he figures a change of scenery is just what he may need. So It’s off to the A.L. West and the “Lone Star State,” where they’re known to do things big…Prince is big, in more ways than one.

Prince in his new Crown

Prince in his new Crown

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