Can’t Touch This

It was Jan 6th, 2002 in the Meadowland in NJ. and the last game of the regular season, Micheal Strahan was a half a sack away from tying Mark Gastinueas’ record of 22 sacks in a season (1984). So, Brett Favre just being “Good Ole Boy Brett” took a dive so his good friend Strahan could have the record which still stands today (22.5 sacks)

1-6-98 Favre "lays down" for the record.

1-6-2002 Favre “lays down” for the record.

We all saw it, the Packer offensive line held its ground (it only gave up 27 sacks in ’02), Favre rolled right…with zero protection, and as Strahn came at him untouched Favre took a dive, Strahan touched him down and the record his, a record which still stands today.

On Tuesday night (10-15-13) on the NFL Network, Strahan expressed the grief he has taken about the record-setting sack during the segment “A Football Life,” on the NFL Network.

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan

Strahan went on to say: “I just hate that it got caught up in the wash of the record-breaking sack,” Strahan said. “The sack record’s great — absolutely phenomenal, but I almost feel like in a sense it was diminished, because everyone goes, ‘Oh, Brett Favre gave you a sack.’ I caught so much flak over it. It’s not worth it, because everyone looks as if one sack that they question is the defining moment of my career.”



After the Strahan feature aired on Tuesday, former Giants coach Jim Fassel, Strahan’s coach in 2001, offered comment about the record-breaking sack. “It happens in athletics, if players have respect for that person, and he’s close to breaking a record — I mean, you know, you’ve seen it in baseball, a guy’s going to have a home-run record, an RBI record, if it doesn’t matter to the game they’ll put a fastball (down the middle) and let him knock it out of here. So if they have respect for the player, sometimes, ‘I’m gonna let you get it. “

Really is that what Fassell believes, or does he just tell himself that so he can sleep at night….

4-8-74 Downing watches #715

4-8-74 Downing watches #715

Did Al Dowling want to be the answer to the Who did Hank Aaron hit HR #715 off of trivia question?…NOPE. Would Tiger Woods ever give Phil Mickelson a 6 ft “gimmie” putt…NOPE. Has any last out of a no-hitter not tried to break it up with a hit…NOPE. Did Eli Manning give up in Super Bowl XLII when if the Giants didn’t score, the Patriots would’ve gone 18-0…Nope. No TRUE competitor wants to be given anything.

2001- Ripen's "sketchy" All-Star farewell HR.

2001- Ripen’s “sketchy” All-Star farewell HR.

There is ONLY one time that I feel the fix was in on a “respect” issue, and that was during the 2001 All-Star game in Seattle. Baltimore’s Cal Ripken Jr. strolled to the plate with the theme to the Natural playing in the bottom of the 3rd, dug in, and tattooed a pitch that was practically tossed underhand by Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park out of the park. It just happened to be his LAST All-Star appearance in his LAST season before retirement…hmmm. Now that the All-Star game “means”  something that probably wont happen again.


Poor Michael…he did have a phenomenal career, if only he would’ve taken the advice from MC Hammer when he saw what Brett was doing…”Can’t Touch This”…because EVERYTHING has it’s price.

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