How does that saying go?….”You learn something new everyday” well it’s true, I found out from my parents, who watched Jay Leno the other night that Terry Bradshaw “rode the pines” in college to none other than Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame.

What?!? How could that be? Have you ever seen Phil?

Robertson 1966/2013

Robertson 1966/2013

According to Bradshaw, Robertson’s game kept Bradshaw off the field his freshman at Louisiana Tech, despite Robertson being late for both practices and games.

1966 Bradshaw/Robertson at Louisiana Tech

1966 Bradshaw/Robertson at Louisiana Tech

Bradshaw also claimed that Robertson would always be “covered in stuff,” when he came into the locker room “you know blood, feathers, etc, from being out hunting duck, squirrel, or whatever.”

As far the statistics that kept 4 time Super Bowl Champion Terry Bradshaw on the bench… they weren’t Heisman Trophy worthy, but enough to keep Phil on the field in 1966:

Attempts 205, Completions 90, Interceptions 18, Yards 1,011, TDs 4

Terry Brashaw & Phil Robertson

Terry Bradshaw & Phil Robertson

So while #12 aimed for receivers down field, #10 aimed for ducks in the sky…and both knew what was best for themselves and ended up extremely successful.

How does that other saying go? “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”







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