A Blonde, a Squirrel, a Tiger…Oh My!

What was Lindsey Vonn thinking? NOT MUCH…if anything at all.

During the opening set of matches at the Presidents Cup she put a LIVE squirrel (from David Love III) on her boyfriend Tiger Woods neck while he was concentrating at Muirfield on Thursday.

Vonn, "sammy" the squirrel, and Tiger

Vonn, “sammy” the squirrel, and Tiger

If you watch the video clip Tiger looks perturbed by Vonn’s stupidity, and trust me had this happen anywhere else there would’ve been an explosion, we all know Tiger is not one to have a long fuse.

Is she stupid, crazy, or just that aloof?  It wasn’t cute…it wasn’t smart… it was the perfect definition of an “Air-Head” or someone who clearly doesn’t think about anyone but themselves. C’mon Lindsey…Tiger is concentrating on helping the USA win the Presidents Cup (not to mention squirrels can carry RABIES)!

Lindsey, how would it be if right before your run at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia… you’re in the shute ready and  concentrating on  the Women’s Downhill… just before the gate opens Tiger jumps out in a clown costume and blows an air horn? Would it throw off your concentration, yes, would it piss you off, yes….and odds are your would lose your cool…and probably wouldn’t medal.



Tiger, I don’t care how great the “mattress dancing” with this snow bunny is…she’s gotta go, before it gets ugly…because we all know CRAZY = TROUBLE!

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